Meet the Author

My name is Robert McCallum.  I live in Virginia, and I am married to my beautiful wife of 13 years.  We have an adorable and vivacious 5 year old daughter.  I am a Christian and have a passion for helping as a layperson in my local church.

And I Have a Story to Tell…..

My life was dramatically changed one night in August of 1998 by a dump truck.  I have had to live my life with a frontal lobe traumatic brain injury.  I was told I would never drive again, go to college, let alone get married and have a family.  I have defied all odds!  I drive and I went to college and got my BA in theology.  It has by no means been easy, but with God’s help and the support of my family, I have not only survived but thrived.

Through prayer, discussion, and advice of family I have chosen to do this blog/project to bring awareness to things that are hard to talk about, especially in the church community.  Brain injury, depression, anxiety, bi-polar, and other related issues are avoided.  These issues need a voice and understanding brought to the forefront to help people recognize the struggles that others go through on a daily basis.