I’m re-sharing this post for two reasons first it’s a day where not one or two but my whole world turned upside down. While some may think it’s selfish or think, I’ve heard about it enough already. That’s fine TBI isn’t a daily struggle for you so I understand that thought. The struggle is daily for me.

The second reason is for those who follow my blog. I want to take time to be real with you as much as possible. I try very hard to remain positive, but the anniversary date is always tough! Thoughts of what if, why didn’t more people understand, why did so many give up, why do I feel alone in all this, do I really need to just snap out of it?! Over the years some of these questions have been answered others have yet to be, and trust me the what if’s drive ya crazy! So, yes I’m mindful of the day; yes I’m sad, maybe a little depressed, but as a Christian I look through the entire process of what happened and realize where God’s hand was and still is. I’ll leave with this my first blog was about my life verse John 20:29 (look it up😉) my comfort comes from Jesus’s statement…”blessed are they that haven’t seen me and yet believe…) i believe I am and will be blessed by trusting and believing in what I haven’t seen. However, for today I will allow myself the emotions, feelings, and saddness to process through; tomorrow will be new and fresh!