Best of us

You’ve read in my previous blogs about my “support staff”, well, there is one person that deserves her own article! That is my late Grammy, my mom’s mom. The timing of this article is unintentional, but she loved fall and winter. Those were the seasons she couldn’t wait for!


I remember (way on back) when I’d rake leaves with her and then burn them. I go jumping in the piles we hadn’t started to burn. Also I had to dump as many leaves on her as I could. The other thing that was huge growing up with her was yard sales! Scouting the paper knowing where to go for the best deals. Remember there was no Internet or cell phone. You had to real research.

My favorite memory of her is during Christmas time baking feverishly in the kitchen, while her dinner table that could seat 8 plus people was covered in flour, cooking batter, pies, and cookies ready to be put in the kitchen. I of course was “helping” while waiting for the best part. That was when the pies, cookies, and other desserts were stored in a small, enclosed porch to cool. To answer your question, yes, I sneaked in and ate some when I shouldn’t have! Those smells and memories will never leave me.

While that maybe my favorite memory of her, how do I best describe her? There are so many ways! I should start by letting you know she lived with us from when I was three till when she passed away. She always put her family first. She helped anyway she could when she could. She was a good friend and sister. Above all in her life, she was a Christian. It was not party on Saturday, Christian on Sunday. She was a Christian through and through, and that’s how she lived her life. It was not uncommon to find her on a bench when we’d go shopping, sitting there and telling someone about Jesus. That was who she was! I still remember visiting Grammy each night from 6-6:30. We would read the Bible for 15 minutes, and then I got to watch cartoons.

After my accident, she did so much to help in her own way. She knew I was hurt and didn’t necessarily understand everything, but she recognized I needed help. When I was first injured, I voluntarily gave up my driver’s license. Once that happened, Grammy would drive me all over the place.

Speaking of her Christianity, she always kept me in her prayers. She’d let me visit her in the evenings, which was always special. I remember she sent a thank you note to the nursing couple that saved my life. It’s sad for someone SO special that these few paragraphs are all I can conjure.

Since her passing, I deeply miss her, especially this time of year. However, I am forever grateful for the time I was able to spend with her. Besides my wife and mom, she was the most special woman in my life. Thank you Grammy for all you did in my life.

Thank you to you my readers for allowing me to dedicate a page to a very special person.



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