What’s Going On Now?

To this point all of the stories shared on my blog have been intense. Believe me the story is just unfolding. However, I felt it necessary to step back to give some updates, and share some blessings that have happened.
  • The first and quite obvious, I’m not dead! Yes, I have the normal questions about why, why me, and what is the point to all this? However, the case remains -I am alive!
  • My parents will be mentioned many times throughout these blogs as the story unfolds, but they have sacrificed more than any parents I know should even have to think about. While they are not perfect, they are as close to saints as I can imagine. Each in their own way helping, instructing, and correcting as needed during the worst years of my and their lives. Even more impressive is that they have always loved each other and me and continue to do so.
  • Next was the most amazing cast of characters I could have had behind me.  Starting with the staff and amazing treatment I received from Dr. Gregory O’Shannick. Truly, without them I would not be where I am today. Also our legal team was outstanding.  It was unfortunate it had to go that way, but we were left with no choice.
  • For spiritual guidance Pastor Leroy Davis (who has graciously accepted my request to write on the blog in the near future) and my father. Both men, in different ways kept me grounded in my Christian faith, and helped me avoid making life altering mistakes. I should also give a shout out to my late 90’s youth group from Goodwill Baptist Church. While they didn’t understand everything that went on, they tried to stay upbeat and encouraging for my sake. Many of whom I’m proud to say are still friends (even if it is just through Facebook J)
  • While this was many years after the accident I could not mention blessings without mentioning my wife of 12 years,  Amanda McCallum. Without her encouragement and support I would not be attempting many things including this blog.
  • Thanks is extended to my in-laws, Dave and Patty Whitley. They have allowed me to enter their family by marrying their daughter and putting up with…well…me. Not an easy task for anyone!
  • Lastly, I am truly grateful for Faith Baptist Church and our Pastor, Kurt Skelly.  There are truly many other people I have encountered that have helped and encouraged me along the way.  I apologize if I have forgotten anyone.
So, why go through that list? The reason is simple, I am attempting to share my story so that those who suffer from TBI understand there are others that have gone through the same, if not worse tragedies. Remember Jesus loves you, and if you believe in Him, He will help you through your darkest valleys. You may not realize it right now, but one day you will. Also, as I have been lectured many times, don’t focus on the negative think about the positive. What does that mean? What can you do now that you couldn’t a month ago, a week, a day? Even the smallest improvement is reason to celebrate. How about a medication combo that finally works! I know I’ve been down that road. Even better,   what about a doctor that truly gets what’s going on. This is just a small list of some things that you can look to as positives.
I’ll conclude with this, yes, what I went through was horrible, yes, some of this story will be depressing, but keep in mind God (Jesus Christ) got me through it. Why, I don’t know, and maybe I won’t know, but nonetheless here I am by his mercy sharing this story with you.  Have a blessed and wonderful week.
John 20:29
P.S. I am having surgery this week. I may not be able to post a blog next week. Keep following though. Please comment on this blog, or any of them. I would love to hear, your blessings, suggestions, or questions.

4 thoughts on “What’s Going On Now?

  1. Robert, I like how you recognized those who have helped you through this journey, including GOD! I wouldn’t be here today without my faith. He gives me the strength to live with TBI. I enjoy your blogs & look forward to reading more.


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