Hey everyone!  This is Robert’s wife, Mandy.  Just want to give y’all an update on Robert and his knee.

Robert’s had a rough go of it the last 5 days.  This past Friday was the surgery.  He had ACL reconstruction, but on top of that, the doctor found 2 meniscus tears and some bone damage.  This new discovery turn our day from 6 hours to 11 hours at the surgery center.

Everything was great until the nerve block wore off.  The pain got so bad, I had to give Robert a belt to literally bite on to help with the pain.

Now, 4 days post op, the pain is getting bearable and he is able to get around slightly better.  Praise the Lord that I have a job I can work from home to be here to help him.

Robert should be back in blogging action next week.  Trust me, if he wrote blogs now while on the pain medicine, y’all be wondering what in the world he is trying to talk about. 🙂

Thank you for all the praying and sweet words of encouragement.  They have been a tremendous encouragement to Robert.  Please continue to pray as he recovers and as he embarks on physical therapy (UGH!).




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